There’s A Jewel In You


We are so excited to release this new collaboration book project with women who became mothers between the ages of 13-21 to join us in Encouraging, Empowering & Equipping Teen Mothers to be Greater Women and Greater Mothers. Our prayer for this project is to remind teen mothers that success is STILL possible and to prevent other young girls from going down this path.

We have 12 powerful women for this project. We know that this project will be life changing to not just the young mothers and girls that read it but also to the writers. Stay tuned for updates on our authors and news on this anthology.


Meet The Authors





 Shakkyra Austin                                      Joy Avery                                                Ronda Braden                            Shennice Pruitt-Cleckley






           Tammie Jackson                        Ashley N. Thomas                                Nefertiria Toussiant                                Chansitie Wiley






  Calandra Williams                                       Chantea Williams                                       Charley H. Willias