We will launch our faith-based teen mom mentoring program in the near future, where 5 teen moms will have the opportunity to work with our ministry leader, Chantea, who was a teen mom at the age of 15. She will help navigate you through your journey of teen motherhood so that you can be successful. This program will consist of weekly one hour calls or meetings (if you are in the Columbia, SC area) where the following will be taught:

  • Educational Goals
  • Life Skills
  • Parenting Tips
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Meal Planning & Cooking Tips
  • Financial Planning
  • Self-Care

These are just a few of the topics that will be discussed on a weekly basis. You will also receive a weekly inspirational email along with our monthly newsletter. The program is set up to be tailored based on the needs of the mentee. Please note at this time we do not provide any financial assistance of any kind but we will assist you in your research to find the financial help you need.


How does the program work?

  • After the mentee has been accepted into the program, they will receive a welcome email with additional questions to answer so that our ministry leader can make an assessment of the mentee which will also include a discovery call with the mentee and their family. If the mentee is under the age of 18, parental/guardian consent is required before moving forward with the program. A consent form will be emailed to the mentee that MUST be completed and signed by the parent/guardian. Failure to have this form completed with authentic signatures of the parent/guardian in a timely manner will put the mentee on the waitlist without priority.


  • Once all paperwork has been completed and sent in, then a time for the weekly calls will be scheduled based on the schedule of the mentee and mentor. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to participate in the calls and or meetings as they deem fit. If the mentee only feels comfortable with phone calls, then that is absolutely fine. The option of Skype is also available.


  • The mentee will be required to keep a separate notebook for assignments and journaling. This is a working program so the mentee will be expected to give her all and be consistent.


  • There will also be monthly 1 hour calls or webinars for all participants and guest speakers will be invited to share their story of how they overcame the struggles of teen parenting. Additional experts will also be invited to give relevant information that will be beneficial to you. (The monthly call will replace the weekly call for that week.)


Stay tuned for our launch.


We will also be launching a free 8-week e-course for teen moms. This course will be power packed with information from our ministry leader and others to help Encourage, Empower & Equip Teen Moms to be Greater Women and Greater Mothers. More information coming soon! Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to notified when it goes live.

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